ScanDoks - automatic passport photo
and forms validation

ScanDoks is an automatic passport photo and forms validation software based on artificial intelligence. It automatically verifies passport photos and reads both typed and handwritten individual customer data from passport, health insurance and driver license forms, expediting processing time. ScanDoks also has the capability of performing criteria checks on webcam or mobile phone images. Using secure encryption and advanced anonymization technology, ScanDoks is able to interpret large volumes of data and can be integrated with existing data handling processes.


Provides fast and reliable verification of your passport photo validation criteria

Save time through automated passport photo criteria check

Have documents classified automatically based on their semantic meaning

Extract content segments from forms (typed and handwritten)

Batch processing of high volumes of data and triage of failed cases

Export and integration into existing data handling processes

Passport Photo

ScanDoks uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services as well as custom built image verification algorithms to perform the passport photo validation checks.

Form Analysis

ScanDoks automatically reads the passport photo and personal customer data (typed and handwritten) from passport, health insurance and driver's license forms.

Webcam Photo Analysis

ScanDoks has the ability to directly take a photo with the webcam and perform the analysis. With the assistance of a face silhouette or marked areas, it is easy to place the face correctly.

ScanDoks Demo


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